San Antonio Day

While Skyping with our 12-year-old niece the other day, she informed us that according to our blog it seems that all we do is travel. So today I’ll write about a big party we went to. That’s a little different, right?

Views biking to San Antonio

Most (all?) towns in Paraguay have a Patron Saint and that Patron Saint has a special day. Our friend Elva lives in San Antonio, a small town just outside of Yuty. When she invited us to San Antonio Day I had visions of my hometown’s Kalona Days. While San Antonio Day didn’t start out with a parade, after the short mass we did all parade around the beautiful yard of the ranch following a statue of…someone. Perhaps Antonio himself or maybe the Virgin Mary? She’s always a safe bet.

Isaiah and Elva

And while San Antonio Day didn’t end with a fireworks show, a few men shot off loud firecrackers during the marching, giving some of the children a start.

Elva, Lilian, Allison

It was a beautiful day to bike over to San Antonio. Unfortunately I got a flat tire along the way. Fortunately we had packed the awesomely tiny bike pump we received in a super generous care package from our besties in my purse just in case! Unfortunately we didn’t really learn how to use it until the next day so at the time it appeared to not be the correct size for our bike’s tires. Fortunately we now know it converts to a bunch of sizes and will be super handy in the future.

Isaiah fixing bike along the road

Regardless, we made it there and spent a great day with Elva’s family and really, her community. We even got to help serve the delicious pork and chicken asado with a side of warm and fresh Sopa Paraguaya. 

San Antonio Festival food prep

The San Antonians made us feel so welcome. We were impressed that the big party is something they do every year and all the food is a collaboration effort.

Asado at San Antonio Festival

Not far from the festivities, at Elva’s aunt’s house, we saw a whole litter of piglets. Maybe one of them will earn the honor of being donated for next year’s San Antonio festival.

Pig at Elva's house

Pig feeding piglets

Aren’t they sorta cute?


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