Paraguay Pride

While we’re showing Doug around and introducing him to all the traditional customs, foods and ways of life we’ve come to know here in Paraguay I realize that I’m getting some Paraguay pride. Although I wasn’t sure it would happen (and for some time wondered why it wasn’t) I believe Paraguay has started crawling into my heart and leaving warm, fuzzy feelings lying around.

Perhaps if you check out this video you’ll get some too. Or maybe you have to live here for a year to really feel it. Our friend, Igor, is in the video below because he and some musician friends won a Tigo competition to be the representative musicians from our area of Paraguay. Then all the winners from all areas got together for a few days of playing music and filming this video. See if you can spot him with dark curly hair playing a bongo drum first spotted around 0:45. It´s called the song of all, and with its mix of Spanish and Guaraní it´s fully Paraguay.


5 thoughts on “Paraguay Pride

  1. Loved this song! Well done…… wish I could understand the language though…..
    Early Happy Anniversary to you Allison & Isaiah! June 12th, right?
    Fun following your blog.
    Harold & Mary

    • Great memory! We’ll be celebrating our 3rd anniversary this Wednesday. Time flies, doesn’t it? Thanks for the well wishes and for checking in on what we’re up to!

  2. That was fun to listen to. It actually took me back to my days in Choloma, Honduras when little music groups would play and sing on Saturday nights. I loved that! It shocked me that I couldn’t understand hardly any of it — but I do think I could tell when they used Guaraní words.

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