Tonight’s The Night

Just today we were told we’re the luckiest Peace Corps volunteers. At least in terms of number of visitors. While I’m not sure we win the record, we are incredibly excited to be welcoming another college buddy to the land of the Guaraní tonight at midnight.

Doug Stuckey, friend throughout college, housemate of ours junior year, and recent MBA grad will be flattering us with his presence for these next few days. We decided it wasn’t quite a long enough stay to justify the long trip to our site so we’re going to catch up on each other’s lives here in Asunción.

Isaiah and Terere

Even though we’ve been in the country a whole year, Isaiah and I haven’t spent much time in Asunción. So we turned to an article sent to us by another Doug, this one a friend from our church. It’s written by a guy who recently visited Paraguay and, at least in my experience, gets the feel of Paraguay right on.

We’re planning to try some of the recommendations in the article while with Doug. Like checking out the Loma San Jerónimo neighborhood that has recently spruced itself up to encourage tourism, including a Sunday market. Or the little boat ride out to Chaco’i. Even the Museum of Memories that’s in the same building that was once used as a prison and torture chamber in the era of dictator Stroessner.

Loma San Jerónimo, Asunción, Paraguay

You bet we’ll be back to report on what we really end up doing and how we like it. And maybe someday even give an update on the work and projects we do (promise we work too). But in the meantime, check out the article if a trip to Asunción is in your future.

Can’t wait to head to the airport soon to get Doug in a big, welcoming bear hug.


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