Secret To An Easy Move

As I’ve already mentioned, Isaiah and I have moved into a different house within our same town. And it was a pretty easy process. What is the secret? Just one thing:

1. Don’t have a lot of stuff.

We spent an hour putting things in boxes one evening, and perhaps another hour the following morning before we took two loads – with the help of our neighbor and his small trailer – to our new place. I know, easy for us because we’re Peace Corps volunteers but I hope we remember to keep things simple and streamlined even after returning to the States.

We enjoyed where we were before, but were ready for a change. Our current place is more within a neighborhood and it’s been a great way to get to know more people.

The owners did a lot of work on the place before we moved in, and as often happens, especially here in Paraguay, it wasn’t completed before our move-in date like they predicted. Even today a few things are unfinished, but we’re getting there and we love our new casa!

One thing we did right away was took every piece of furniture outside and gave it a good cleaning on all sides. It feels good to start with a clean slate.

New House Cleaning

We plan to do a full video tour of the place one day, but with some of our stuff still in boxes we’re going to start with some casual snapshots.

Here’s the view of the front of our house.

New House Front

It’s cozily tucked back from the road and has little trees and bushes to give shade and privacy. It surprised us to return home one day to see the top of the house painted a rather bright orange. It had been white, a color we much preferred for this purpose. But I guess it was a good reminder to stay flexible. And hey, maybe someday we’ll get used to it?

New House Front and Side

In front of the house leading to the road we have a cute little gate and a brand new sidewalk leading to our front porch.

New House Walkway

Once inside the front door, we have our living room. Very sparse for now but we plan on building a coffee table and also turning that huge blank wall into a mega card wall, like a bigger version of what we had in our old place. Wahoo!

New House Living Room

Here’s the other side of the living room which shows the guest bedroom on the left and the arched hallway to the rest of the house on the right.

New House Living Room 2

The guest bedroom is pretty much our storage room for now but don’t worry, we’ll cozy it up before you arrive.

New House Guest Room

Just through the arched doorway is the bathroom. Small but tiled and even with a medicine cabinet for storage. Sweet!

New House Bathroom

Down the hall (about one adult-sized step) and on the right is the master bedroom. Again, we’re barely out of suitcases but it gives you an idea. Score one for the home team that there’s a ceiling fan in there.

New House Master Bedroom

We even created a closet area in there by installing a bar and bribing our visiting friends to bring us some hanging shelves.

New House Closet

One more step down the hall and you’re in the kitchen. Here’s a snapshot from the other direction, looking back into the hallway.

New House Kitchen

And outside of the kitchen is an enormous and beautiful back porch, one of my favorite areas of the house. We plan to get some patio chairs and a little table. I can see us doing a lot of hosting in this space once it’s all cleaned up.

New House Back Porch

And lastly, here’s a snapshot looking off the back porch into our yard which is full of fruit trees: grapefruit, papaya, lemon, lime, orange, grapes (guess that’d be a vine), and even banana (although we’re not convinced it’ll produce since the previous tenants decided to burn their trash right under it). What a pity!

New House Yard

So there’s a sneak peek into our new crib. Hope you enjoyed the visit. Come back soon!


21 thoughts on “Secret To An Easy Move

  1. I have been waiting for the pictures of the new abode – the orange makes your home look very cheerful – I like it!

  2. I sort of like the orange too! The house looks great and what a nice porch. Plus, to walk into your backyard and pick all that great fruit would be a huge plus! Looking forward to the video tour!

    • The porch is my favorite! And we’re already scheming about some ideas of what to do for the video tour – probably not for a few weeks though.

  3. Beautiful! It looks a little luxurious compared to the previous address! But, Ali, you and Isaiah have a knack for “making home” wherever you are! Blessings to you!!

  4. Looks great — and I like the orange too on the house! It looks like a wonderful place to visit – soon!!

    • I hope so! I think we need some furniture to organize things into. At least a bookshelf? It’ll be fun to figure it out.

      And you? Are you guys all organized and ready for Baby Showalter’s appearance?

  5. Allison,

    In Jamaica, I learned that banana trees only produce one bunch of banana’s and then send up a baby tree next to it. If you see a small tree growing next to it let it grow. Often in Jamaica the top of the parent tree would be cut off, allowing the “trunk” to drain fluid and nutrients to the baby tree. Hope the moving process of moving goes well, and you are able to enjoy your porch & fruit from your back yard!

  6. Fun to see the new place now that you’re all moved in! What a nice little surprise that they painted it bright orange for you 🙂

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