Independence Day

The 14th of May is a holiday here in Paraguay. A holiday for celebrating their Independence Day. So instead of work or school, a stage was set up in our plaza for traditional dances by school kids in traditional costumes.

Paraguay's Independence Day 1

Paraguay's Independence Day 2

That was followed up by a parade down the main street. It consisted of mostly school children dressed in their uniforms often carrying the Paraguayan flag.

Paraguay's Independence Day 3

Paraguay's Independence Day 4

It was so fun to watch the kids walk by, trying to stay in a straight line or hold their flag up high even as it blew in the breeze.

Paraguay's Independence Day 5

Paraguay's Independence Day 8

There were also a good number of drum lines beating out the rhythms that the whole town already had imprinted in their headaches heads from the previous week of practice that was heard floating through every street in the town.

Paraguay's Independence Day 6

Paraguay's Independence Day 7

We recognized many of the participants – kids from the soup kitchen, youth from some of our classes, adults with whom we’ve come into contact.

Paraguay's Independence Day 9

Paraguay's Independence Day 10

Or even the other townspeople, gathering together as a community to watch the events and celebrate their country.


Paraguay's Independence Day 11

Paraguay's Independence Day 12

It was a reminder of how far we’ve come since the August day we arrived in Yuty. How inch by inch we’re crawling from the role of an outsider to a true Yuteño.


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