Epic Trip Endings

After a beautiful and sunny day visiting Iguazu Falls, we walked a few blocks from our hotel to the border of three countries: Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. In the picture below we are standing in Argentina, Paraguay is the land on the left and Brazil is the land on the right.


It was a beautiful spot and fun to see the exact point where the countries meet.



After checking out that fun little bug shedding his shell on a telephone pole, we next headed out to Itaipu Dam.



It`s claim to fame is that it produces the most energy of any hydroelectric facility in the world. Pretty proud of Paraguay on that one.



We enjoyed an informational video (in English, for those of you planning a trip) about the dam and then a tour of the facilities. Kate and Will were even lucky enough to get a helicopter tour of the premises!


Or something like that.


After the dam tour we headed toVillarrica to spend the night at our friends Jon and Nalena’s house. It was wonderful to have our old friends meet our new friends. And the delicious pancakes in the morning didn´t hurt either.

Of course a trip to Villarrica isn´t complete without saying hello to the three huge and lazy capybaras that live in the park there.


I´m always a little suspicios of them as they are quite large. But they were far more interested in lying in the shade then giving me second glance.



Finally it was time to bus over countless rickety bridges down the bumpy dirt road to our site and give the grand tour of Yuty to Kate and Will. It was so much fun waking up and sipping mate with them on our patio. Walking around the dusty streets pointing out this and that – things that have become familiar to us.



Like cows in the middle of the street, the unique plants, or the huge ant hills that are firm enough to sit on.



We even got to show off our new house to them. At the time it was getting spruced up and we weren´t yet living there like we are now. But even now, as things seem to go (sloooowly), the work continues. And we wait. Patiently(?).


It was a great end to our trip together. Time for chatting, relaxing, and soaking up the time we had left to share. We even whipped up some homemade tortilla shells for our fajita meal. Everything is more fun with friends.



Now that our friends have all returned to the States and we are settling back into our routine, it’s hard not to miss them immensely. But just writing these posts and looking through our photos brings the smiles to our faces. We’re so thankful for our first set of visitors and look forward to the next. Will it be you?


6 thoughts on “Epic Trip Endings

  1. What a wonderful time for you with old friends in your “new country. I understand that you may see your parents before long. We are experiencing Midwest summer…. mugginess and all. On Sun. June 2 our kids and Amy Phend are planning a birthday party for me to mark my 90 yrs. of life. This is what your grandmother would like to attend, Allison, but i doubt very much that she will be able to be here. Although I wish!!! All our 5 kids, 2 grandchildren, and our only great-granddaughter will be here. You are apparently having a great time. May it continue. Con mucho Amor, Luke and Verna

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