Iguazu Falls: Take Two

After our week in Buenos Aires and after saying our goodbyes to Jen and LaMont, Kate, Will, Isaiah and I took a short flight to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina to check out the beautiful waterfalls of Iguazu Falls we had heard so much about. Yes, we had just been there with Jen and LaMont but if anything it made me more excited to go back. I hadn’t forgotten about all those rainbows.


The grounds alone are expansive with many trails to hike, spotting the waterfalls from different angles and distances. This time around we even got to ride a little boat out to a small island that was closed on our first visit due to water levels.


It is a magical place with the powerful, rushing falls, the butterflies and animals that greet you and welcome you in to their lovely corner of the world.


Since I wrote more about it before, today I’ll let the photography speak for itself. I culled the photos to my favorites but there are still so, so many to enjoy!


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