Iguazu Falls

As one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the Iguazu Falls had a lot to live up to when we visited them on the Argentinian side with our friends Jen and LaMont. They did not disappoint.

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Even through the lens of a off-and-on dreary day, the powerful falls were breathtaking.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

But first, that crossing of the border from Paraguay into Argentina. When our bus stopped at an official building and everyone got out and filed through the line to stamp into Argentina, we did too. After boarding the bus again and driving away Isaiah commented how odd it was to receive the “entering Argentina” stamp before the “leaving Paraguay” one.

Iguazu Falls Jen, LM, Z, Al

But soon enough the magnificent falls had our full attention. The grounds are lush with many walking paths clearly marked with spectacular lookouts along the way.

Devil`s Throat Iguazu Falls

Walking along Devil`s Throat Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, Argentina side

Walking the trails of Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls BridgeThe thing about these falls is that, yes, they are huge and powerful, but there are also so many. Two huge sections of them and then countless smaller ones pouring out at every turn in a delightful surprise.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls Z and Allison

The other surprise was the animals. LaMont described it as a zoo without fences. The koaties were hanging out all over (especially around the food courts) but we obeyed the graphic signs warning us not to feed them.

Koatie at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Animals at Iguazu Falls

I expected impressive waterfalls, but the addition of butterflies fluttering gracefully in clusters and landing softly on us was like a decadent dessert after an already tasty meal.

Friendly butterflies of Iguazu Falls

Butterfly pet at Iguazu Falls

And besides on my childhood cereal boxes, have I ever seen vibrant toucans hanging out in the trees above me?

Toucans at Iguazu Falls

And birds, monkeys and…snakes?.

Pretty bird at Iguazu Falls

Monkeys at Iguazu Falls

Snake sign at Iguazu Falls

Jen and LaMont chose the extra adventure of taking a boat ride right up nose to nose with the falls. Although they were prepared with all the rain gear we had with us…

Iguazu Falls before boat ride

…they still returned, like Adam Sandler in Billy Madison, a bit wet.

Iguazu Falls after boat ride

Wet, but happy. (Do I need to add this soaking was from the grand mist, not from Jen and LaMont losing their nerve during the ride? Yes, you probably already knew that.)

Impressive Iguazu Falls

And I can`t leave out the rainbows. Yes, even some double ones. With a blog name like ours, you can bet we were thrilled.

Rainbow at Iguazu Falls

After a satisfying day spent with jaws dropped at what nature can do, we took in the sunset just outside the park as we sipped warm drinks and awaited our taxi.

Sunset at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

So why all the talk about the border crossing stamps at the beginning of this post? Well, our adventures get a bit rocky as we try navigating our way back into the country we never officially left. More details to come.


6 thoughts on “Iguazu Falls

  1. I love re-living this fun day! Thanks for chronically it for us…and for clarifying why our pants were so wet after the boat ride 🙂

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