A Clue: Revealed

I’m anxious to tell you about all the fun things we did with our super rad college friends besides going to the Itaipu Dam. We also saw the gorgeous Iguazu waterfalls, spent a week in the lively capital city of Buenos Aires and logged hours sipping in the cool breeze on the two rooftop terraces of our rental apartment there.

I’ll be back with the details and mounds of photos soon but today I wonder if you remember this clue I gave a couple of weeks ago about a big change coming up in our lives.

Clue for Surprise

Any guesses? Here’s another clue.

Moving Day

And another.

Moving Day 2

Yep, it’s moving day for the Goertzes in Paraguay! Since today is a national holiday (Day of the Workers) we thought we’d work on moving. With a break to hang out at the soup kitchen since those hard-working cooks decided not to take the day off.

Although we’ve been very happy in our cozy first apartment that Isaiah lovingly showed off in this video, we’re both excited to settle into a new place. I for one love, love unpacking and finding a new home for everything. It’s also a stand-alone house and closer to the center of town. And quite frankly, it’s just something different. We’re ready to get to know our new neighbors, a new despensa (corner store) and see what this next phase of our service brings.

Ok, back to it. Lift with your legs, right? Stayed tuned for some snappy shots of the new place very soon, my friends.


8 thoughts on “A Clue: Revealed

  1. So exciting. Will look forward to the update when the backbreaking work is done. I’m always amazed and inspired by Allison’s delight in organizing and creating new environments.

  2. When you gave that first clue, grandma Louise guessed it! It will be fun to see pictures – and then better yet – to see it in person in August!

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