Man With Purse Discriminated

Isaiah's leather man purse

We discovered the inequality of grocery stores in Asunción when Isaiah had to “check” his man purse while I got to carry mine around the store. The attendant explained that purses are allowed, but that men don’t carry purses. Guess they haven’t met Isaiah and his self-named “man purse” he bought in Chile after months of searching for the right one. My sexy man. His sexy leather (man) purse.


8 thoughts on “Man With Purse Discriminated

  1. Interesting! “man” purses are quite common in Europe. But isaiah’s is getting pretty heavy and pulling that right shoulder down a bit—may need to lighten up a bit. We just returned from having a great visit with your grandparents and parents.

  2. I’m thinking that the dropped right shoulder may be a modeling pose. But if it isn’t, I too recommend lightening up a bit. Know any good chiropractors?

    • Yes, he is a good model. As for chiropractors – I’m trying to be one for Isaiah after he slipped down a few steps last week. Didn’t have much neck rotation for a couple days, but is nearly mended now.

  3. Perhaps you should lobby the Paraguayan government to allow men to carry “satchels” or “European carry-all bags” in stores . . . because the guy at the store is right. Men do not carry purses (except their wife’s when she asks him to).

    • Now son, let’s not mince words. It’s a man purse, and that’s how it is. And sooner or later the Paraguayans are just going to have to accept it.

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