Paraguay Emprende

Our sector of the Peace Corps has two main national projects. One focuses on leadership and one on entrepreneurship. I’ve been working closely with the entrepreneurship project, which just got a brand new name, a new logo, and even a slightly new focus. It used to be called Jóvenes Empresarios del Paraguay (Young Entrepreneurs of Paraguay) but now we are Paraguay Emprende (Paraguay Starts). And we have a jazzy new logo to boot.

Paraguay Emprende Logo

Isaiah was on the team that designed the logo, a team led by my friend Nalena who I’ve mentioned on here often. I love it.

Isaiah and I were honored when our church from back home contacted us to see if they could financial support the Paraguay Emprende project with donations they’re collecting in April. So we put together this little video of us chatting it up and shots of us teaching our business class here in town as a way to introduce our church to the project. I thought you might like to see it too.

We wanted to just wing it so it didn’t sound rehearsed but Isaiah sometimes gets camera-shy and I sometimes get camera chatty, so we had to do some cutting and pasting. It was fun though!

In case you wished you were one of our students, here’s a couple of clips from our class with the sound on. So grab a pencil and join us, will you? And a special bonus of some outtakes at the very end because they’re always embarrassing fun, right?


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