These Shoes Were Made For Traveling

Remember when I shared our Pay Me Plan to encourage ourselves to work out? Well, it works! For every week we worked out at least 5 times for 30+ minutes per time (no doubling up for make-up days allowed!) we earned $5 toward a purchase of our choice. Something categorized, as we Peace Corps volunteers try to teach, as a want and not a need.

I missed some weeks here and there for this or that reason, but as of now earned enough money to buy some bright new kicks. (Thank you, Merrell, for offering a nice discount to Peace Corps volunteers and making this purchase possible sooner.)

Merrell Tennis Shoes - Barefoot

I’m super excited about my new shoes, but you know what’s even more exciting? My BFF Jen knew how much they meant to me and agreed to hand deliver them to me in Paraguay! Or maybe she and her awesome husband were coming anyway, so it worked out. Chicken or the egg. Knowing when they were arriving made me more committed than ever, since I wasn’t going to let myself wear the shoes until I had earned them. And I did.

And you know what’s even more exciting than that? After some quality alone time with Jen and LaMont, we’ll all four head to Argentina to meet up with our other besties, Kate and Will. It’s going to be an awesome next couple of weeks. Boy howdy have I been looking forward to this.

So to fully soak up every minute that mis amigos are in the America of the South, I’m going to wait until it’s all said and done to update this blog with the fun things we do together. I know, the anticipation will be tough. To help out (and because I really like writing) I have a bunch of posts lined up for you to enjoy while I’m gone. Lots are my reflections so I’m sure Isaiah thanks this blog for being my sounding board for a change. Luckies!


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