Turning 29

You already know we celebrated April Fool’s with a tricky post that got some hearts pumping. But the day before that, we celebrated my birthday!

For only the third time in my life I shared a birthday with the Easter Bunny this past Sunday. And to help me celebrate, Jon and Nalena came into town for a visit. Like those wise men, they came bearing wonderful gifts. Gifts of homegrown green beans.

Jon and Allison and Homegrown Green Beans

And beautifully personalized sugar cookies. She’s talented like that.

Allison and Nalena and Sugar Cookies

It was perfect. Especially since we made lentil curry with naan, a dish we used to always pair with green beans. That very morning I thought, “Too bad we won’t have green beans this time.” And a few hours later Jon walks through the door with none other than the exact food that was missing from the perfect meal. And a veggie that is impossible to find, at least in our small town. I was one happy girl.

Allison and Green Beans

And nibbling on Isaiah’s cute cookie leg that had broken off in the journey as a little snack before lunch was quite nice too!

Allison with Birthday Cookies

The next day Isaiah and I had some quality time together. We spent some time by the lake behind our house and Isaiah whipped up the perfect chocolatey birthday cake, recipe compliments of Aunt Marilyn.


Turning 29 on Easter Sunday was a great way to ring in my first birthday here in Paraguay.

Tereré by the lake

Thanks also for all the birthday greetings I received from you guys! I felt the love from around the world. And I hope that each of you had a wonderful Easter filled with good food and good people. 

Feet relaxing by the lake

Wow, I remembered writing a post about my 28th birthday in Ireland. That was around the time we started this blog. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at it for over a year!


11 thoughts on “Turning 29

  1. Hi Allison, glad you had a great birthday! We missed you at the Brenneman gathering Easter weekend. You got me good with your April Fool’s joke!
    Aunt Pam

    • We missed being there too! Haha, Isaiah’s too good of a trickster – a lot of people believed it – even some fellow Peace Corps volunteers! Looks like we won’t be heading home just yet though!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday shared with a good husband, great new friends, delicious food and a tranquil location.

  3. I just returned from Iowa last nite & had a wonderful time with your Grandma Mary. She’s still sharp as a tack & we had a great time….laughing & crying together. WOW the Peace Corps must be beyond belief in Paraguay! Especially a couple of voluteers there! Enjoy the rest of April! Love, Great? Aunt Lucile

    • Hi Aunt Lucile! I’m so glad you were able to be in Iowa and visit with Grandma Mary! I’m sure you guys had a ball together. Yes, Isaiah and I sure do bring something special(?) to the Peace Corps. Haha.

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