Even with the excitement of welcoming our first visitors from the States brewing (as it’s less than two weeks away!) we were super pumped and honored to host two of our Peace Corps Volunteer friends earlier this week.

Isaiah, Sarah, Tim by terminal

Tim and Sarah bused in from their own sites so we could spend a couple of days together talking, cooking and eating, talking some more, playing games, visiting the soup kitchen, and in true Easter bunny fashion, doing a lot of hopping.

Tim & Isaiah making tortillas

We hopped over tiny rivers that have formed in the dirt roads of Yuty as we completed a walking tour of the town. (Not the easiest feat in a skirt that doesn’t stretch, I might add.)

Allison hopping rivers in the streets

We hopped over fences to venture through the land behind our house and out to the pretty lake owned by our landlord’s family.

Sarah hopping over a fence

Tim hopping the fence

And then we hopped in front of the lake just for fun. And to get a cool picture.

Tim, Sarah, Allison, Isaiah hopping by lake

Tim and Sarah were our fellow game-players in our training community where we often got together to play Dutch Blitz, Rummikub, Phase 10 or the like. So we reunited this week and challenged each other to some more games. And much to Tim, Isaiah, and my dismay – Sarah left undefeated. I can’t believe I even admitted that here. Next time, my friend.

Sarah & Allison eating chocolate

Isaiah and I recognize that Yuty isn’t exactly on the way to much, so we sure appreciated Sarah and Tim making the bumpy journey out to see us. And for the rest of you (in Paraguay or otherwise), let us know when you’ll be stopping by! We’d love to play host again.

Thanks to Tim for most of the photos in this post.


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