Homemade Plain Yogurt In 3 Steps

I don’t believe you need special yogurt making equipment or candy thermometers to make your own delicious, healthy, plain yogurt. I’ve been making my own for months using just a saucepan and a thermos.

Today is a big day. The first ever video cooking show on the blog! Of course I’ve done many cooking shows before without a real video camera (because are you ever too old for that?) but this is the real deal.

On the show today, Isaiah demonstrates an easy way to make your own plain yogurt. Our town has all sorts of sugary flavored yogurt, but no plain stuff so we took matters into our own hands to make some. You do need a little bit of plain active yogurt to use as your starter since it’s the active cultures in it that go to town turning your normal milk into creamy yogurt.


We picked up a container of plain yogurt from Villarrica to use as our starter (make sure it says probiotic or active cultures), but from now on we can just save a bit of our homemade stuff to start the next batch.

And yeah, the temperature of your milk is important. The first time we tried it we used milk that was too hot, so after waiting the 8 hours it was still just a thermos of milk. Use milk that is warm but doesn’t burn you when you test it with a finger. It’s super technical, I know. See more tips below.

Homemade Plain Yogurt


1 liter milk

1 tablespoon active yogurt



1. Heat milk on stove until it is warm, but you can still comfortably stick a finger in it.

2. Add yogurt and milk to thermos.

3. Store at room temperature, draft-free spot for 6-8 hours. Do not disturb during this step!


1. Let the milk set (incubate) for 6 hours for a mild flavor, or 8 for a more tart flavor.

2. Pour yogurt out of thermos for storage, to bring the temperature down.

3. If your milk is too hot, it will kill the active culture in the starter and not turn to yogurt.

4. If your yogurt is very thin, try using less starter or incubating for a little longer next time.

5. Before serving you could mix in fruit or flavorings like honey, cinnamon, herbs, etc.

We use yogurt not only for adding to granola or smoothies, but also in cooking different curries or as a side dish for spicy foods. It is nice to know we can make our own instead of waiting until we travel to a bigger town to stock up. Yum!


8 thoughts on “Homemade Plain Yogurt In 3 Steps

  1. I remember the days of putting on a cooking show! Great video. After it was over, Marie said – lets make some yogurt just like Isaiah! So we may have to try it sometime.

    • Oh my, that is adorable! I hope you guys try it out and let me know how it goes! It’s thinner like Gogurt in the States – but actually that’s how all yogurt is in Paraguay anyway.

    • It’s been fun learning some of these “back in the day” do-it-yourself tricks. And we’ve sure been enjoying some yogurt and granola since we learned to make it! I know you would enjoy that too!

  2. hola, me encanto leer estos dias su blog. es muy atrapante..espero pronto seguir leyendolos.
    Romomaitei che py’aite guive pee Tartagal guive – Salta – Arg.

    Posd. Soy un paraguayo expatriado

    • Bienvenidos al blog! Es un placer a tener un paraguayo aca con nosotros. Estoy muy contenta en Paraguay – pero definitivamente necesito aprender mucho mas GuanranĂ­!

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