Chasing Waterfalls

After a successful first entrepreneurship class on Saturday morning, Isaiah and I hopped two buses to Paraguarí to meet up with a group of Peace Corps Volunteers gathering to celebrate Brittany’s birthday. It’s always fun to meet up with volunteers to talk and laugh and tell stories and debrief this whole experience we’re having.

Waterfall 8

But the real highlight of the event was Sunday morning when we made our way to Salto Cristal, a waterfall in the town of La Colmena. After stocking up on snacks and lunch food at a local grocery store, we hitched a winding ride uphill and through sugar cane fields.

Waterfall 6

Finally we arrived at the drop-off point, where we paid 10,000 guaranies per person (about $2 each) to walk a few feet through someone’s yard to arrive at the starting point of the trek down to the waterfall. We decided that guy found quite a nice gig.

Waterfall 2

I didn’t know what to expect, but discovered a rather steep decline of large rocks that were sometimes loose and sometimes wet. Luckily there was a rope to hold onto when you needed a little support. At the bottom of the decline we waded through a little water, climbed up and over a few more big rocks, and then got our first look at the beautiful waterfall we had come to see.

Waterfall 5

What is it with waterfalls that makes them so stunning? Graceful and mighty at the same time. Although the water was quite bitterly cold, we jumped in and swam around, our active bodies warming up with time.

Waterfall 4

After enjoying our picnic lunch on a big boulder at the edge of the water, we climbed up and over the big rocks, waded through the chilly water, and this time pulled our way up the steep incline. A natural Stairmaster, you could say.
Waterfall 7

It was a fun change of pace to head out of site and chase a few waterfalls this weekend. Well I guess really just the one. But it was a beauty.


5 thoughts on “Chasing Waterfalls

  1. Allison, It looks quite idyllic as well as a load of fun. Your posts are quite inspirational. Will you have a slide or video presentation when you get back home? I look forward very much to seeing one. I’ve rather lost track of your time line. When will you be back home? I’m still thinking that it would be fun to visit while you’re still there. Les

    Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 11:35:29 +0000 To: lreiselt@hotmail .com

    • Our Peace Corps service will end in August 2014, so we still have some time here – to see more idyllic sights and also to welcome visitors! It’d be great to show you around what we know of Paraguay.

  2. Cool,

    It reminds me of the time that Jenny and I went to see this waterfall out in AZ or NM (I can’t remember which one). It was through this really dry, dusty, dirty Indian land, full of these (I wouldn’t quite call them mountains) big dirt hills. When we got to the waterfall, it was dry! But apparently it’s like one of the tallest in the world! It would have been impressive, I’m sure.

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