Class Promoting

Our last few days have been filled with promoting and advertising and inviting people to participate in our entrepreneurship class, Construye tus Sueños, which starts on March 2. Oh wait, I should be careful of exaggerating here. Our days haven’t really been filled to the brim with this promotion or anything. I’d hate to give the wrong impression as would be so easy to do when I pick everything that goes up on this neat and tidy little blog of ours. We’ve still had plenty of time to sip tereré, read Harry Potter, work on a solar fruit dryer, and chat with neighbors about the heat and the dust.

But nevertheless, we’ve also put forth efforts to promote our class as it’s a great opportunity to learn business skills and construct a concrete business plan, all free of charge. The class is open to anyone, but we’re focusing our efforts on university students who have interest in a business of their own.

Promoting our entrepreneurship class

We’ve passed out informational brochures and hung up posters all around town. We visited a local university one evening while classes were in session and were taken around to each classroom to interrupt the teaching and give our little schpeel about the class. Uncomfortable at first, but we got used to it. (Hmm…theme of Peace Corps so far?)

We also have a preview event planned for tonight thanks to the help of the youth we took to the business camp earlier this month. One assignment they got at the camp was to help us spread the word about the class, since they will also be taking the class. So this evening at our local cooperative, the two youth will lead a fun, interactive marketing activity followed by Isaiah and I answering questions about the course for anyone considering enrolling.

One of our youth even works at the local radio station, so we visited him at work last evening to speak about our class and the preview event. Many volunteers have their own radio shows in their town, but this was a first for me and I was nervous going in. But once we got going I just didn’t think about it and it seemed to go pretty well. Or maybe it’s because I made Isaiah do most of the talking. He was great!

Promoting our class on the radio

I’ve enjoyed preparing for this class and am looking forward to getting it underway. And Isaiah and I are so lucky that Elva will be co-facilitating the class with us. It’s already been great to have a Paraguayan on our team as she understands how to jump through the right hoops to get our class certified by different organizations, etc. She’s also someone who could hopefully carry on the class even after we’ve moved outta Yuty and onto our next adventure, whatever that may be!


13 thoughts on “Class Promoting

  1. Sounds like a great event. It wil be fun to hear how the class is going. I’m still at home this morning because we had 6 inches of snow last night and thus – no school! But I’ll eventually go to work . . .

  2. Hope things go well tonight at the class. How exciting that you & Isaiah were on the radio! We had some snow last night. After breakfast Marie put her snowpants on and said it was time to go outside. So Vince took her out. Troy and I will wait until it gets a little warmer!

  3. As I prepare to go outside and shovel the driveway, reading about your enthusiasm and successful adventures is infectious. Carpe diem!

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