January Goals – Accomplished?

A good goal has a desired date of completion. When we made some goals for ourselves at the beginning of 2013, we wanted to accomplish them by the beginning of February. Well, here we are. So we’re holding ourselves accountable and publicaly admitting what we did and didn’t complete.

Allison’s January Ambitions

1. Take more video – to remember all the sights and sounds of Paraguay

Check! I made an effort to look for opportunities to take video, which I did to show how to easily shoo away Paraguayan dogs, to capture the communal prayer at the soup kitchen, as well as a few other things that may find their way to this blog eventually. I hope to continue capturing more video instead of just photos.

2. Read a book in Spanish – a level or two up from the kids books I’ve read

In Progress! Isaiah and I are reading the first Harry Potter book out loud to each other in Spanish. Since neither of us have read the book in English (I know, we’re probably the only ones) we’re reading a chapter in English followed by that same chapter in Spanish. It is slow going but excellent practice for pronunciation and learning new vocab words, which I then add to my flash card program to study.

Reading Harry Potter in Spanish

3. Start a nutrition/cooking group – not sure what this looks like but something with health and food

In Progress? Well, I got the nerve up to introduce the idea to lots of women and most of them seemed excited. However, they said Saturdays are the best day for something like this so we haven’t met yet as I’ve been out of site many weekends. The plan is to meet February 16 so we’ll see!

4. Host more – I love hosting. So I should do it more.

Check! I did host more than normal, so it’s progress, but I’d like to continue in that direction. And even though one of the couples we hosted watched as this disaster happened, we still had a great time. Learning to made homemade pita bread for falafel gyros was a hit when we hosted the two Peace Corps Volunteers who live nearby.

Yuty VAC Homemade Gyro Lunch

Isaiah’s January Ambitions

1. Build a solar food dryer for our yard – dried mangoes here we come!

(Barely) In Progress! The wood is ordered and being cut at a local lumberyard but they’ve blown by promised completion dates more times than I want to count and we’ve been out of town often enough to not put sufficient pressure on them to finally get it done.

Solar Food Dryer Plans

2. Find high school or college students interested in an entrepreneurship class

Check! Well, at least we found two motivated youth who we took to our business camp/workshop last weekend (which we’ll tell you more about later) and it was a success. Now those two guys are going to help us round up more jóvenes in the area to start our entrepreneurship class by the beginning of March.

3. Sweat less

Check! By some miracle of the universe the temperatures and humidity did let up for a bit in January which equaled less sweating than in December. How’s that for putting your mind to it and meeting a goal!

Well, those are our results. How did you do with your January goals and ambitions? We’ve started the ball rolling on many of our goals but still have work to do to see them to fruition. What’s on your agenda for the short but love-filled month of February?


Drop us a line; we love hearing from you!

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