Wall Of Greetings

As part of our Christmas decorations I wanted to hang rows of the notes and cards we’d received from folks back home, but the tape and twine just weren’t sticking to the yellow wall behind our couch. So the project came to a standstill for a while but never fully left my mind. Finally this week I got serious and bought some wire and small nails.

How to Display Greeting Cards 1

I went with Isaiah’s suggestion to complete my card-hanging project on the odd little wall we have above our kitchen table.  After some careful measuring I drove in eight nails and tightly twisted wire around each nail to form four taut rows. Then one by one I hung the cards with a small wooden clothespin, smiling as I thought about each sender.

How to Display Greeting Cards 3

The result is a wall of love and friendship. A wall that greets us warmly each morning and bids us goodnight each evening. Rows of hellos and well wishes and votes of confidence. A wall that brings smiles to our faces even as we miss all of you back home. So if you’ll excuse me, I have a wall to go admire.

How to Display Greeting Cards 2

What do you do with the greeting cards you receive? Any ideas of what we could do with the cement wall behind the couch? It’s big and bare and crying for some attention.


8 thoughts on “Wall Of Greetings

  1. How creative. As to the cement wall, how about some creative graffiti–maybe a garden theme? If the landlord agrees to it, it could be painted over when you leave–or maybe she’ll want to keep it!

  2. Looks great! And a fun way to be reminded of all the people who care about you!

    I like Alice’s suggestion of painting the wall. Maybe a world map? Or you could paint part of it to look like bricks or some other type of texture. I also like the stencils you did in your room back in Goshen. Or it would be fun if they’d let you paint it with chalkboard paint so you could write/draw things that could be changed!

    • Or maybe for something less permanent, you could do something almost like curtains with draping fabric across or having fabric panels at either end of the wall.

      • I’m loving all these ideas, Jen! Oh I really liked that stencil in 954 too. Hmm…I wonder if I could make a stencil of some sort and put it all across the wall? Or maybe they sell that kind of thing here. First I have to get the courage to ask the landlord if something of that sort would be alright, but I’m guessing it is since the paint here isn’t great (or something) so it seems they have to paint all the time to keep it looking fresh so I’m sure when we move out they’d paint again anyway. Or we could do it.

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