Unwelcome Houseguest Gets The Shovel

Snake Found in our Kitchen

Isaiah is so brave. And I only screamed once.


15 thoughts on “Unwelcome Houseguest Gets The Shovel

    • I like how Bethany’s daughter was interested and excited– rather than prejudiced like me. It’s difficult to find the hospitality for this unwelcome houseguest. 🙂

      Years ago, a snake managed to find its way into our kitchen and under Jason’s highchair (he’s 34 now). Just a small garter snake, though. Still, rather unnerving when we saw each other and I tried to think, “What to do, what to do!?” Unfortunately, that one got the shovel, too (or was it a hoe?), as it tried for a get-away via the basement steps.

  1. Remember when we had those pile of snakes that appeared every spring on the lawn outside the kitchen door? I’d have to call grandpa Floyd to come “take care of it!”

    • I do! I used to have nightmares about a HUGE snake in the lawn west of the house that dad cut in pieces and pieces (b/c it was so huge). Years later I was unclear if it had been real or just a nightmare. I decided it was based on those real snakes but my mind exaggerated the size!

    • Afterwards I could not fathom how it felt relatively normal or at least not that big of a deal. Times they are a’changing. When I first spotted it I was actually really calm. I screamed a later when I thought Isaiah was planning to smash it with our kitchen chair! Still super gross though.

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