January Ambitions

This time of year we’re encouraged to make goals and promises to ourselves for all the great things we want to accomplish and all the ways we’re going to force ourselves into better people than we are today. That can be overwhelming! So I bent the rules a bit (isn’t there some resolution rule book out there?) and wrote down a few small things I have ambition for this month. A month seems easier to think about than a year.

Allison’s January Ambitions

  1. Take more video – to remember all the sights and sounds of Paraguay
  2. Read a book in Spanish – a level or two up from the kids books I’ve read
  3. Start a nutrition/cooking group – not sure what this looks like but something with health and food
  4. Host more – I love hosting. So I should do it more.

Isaiah’s January Ambitions

  1. Build a solar food dryer for our yard – dried mangoes here we come!
  2. Find high school or college students interested in an entrepreneurship class
  3. Sweat less

What do you have going on this month? Any ambitions you want to share? I read if you say (or write) something publicly you’re more likely to follow through, so let’s hear it!


5 thoughts on “January Ambitions

  1. Good goals–you’re going to have some good projects going!

    For a solar food dryer here, I just put things in the grill, in the sun. But you’re probably living a bit more rustically there. 😉

    I have one ambition for this month–to try and watch the sunrise every morning.

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