Christmas In Mendoza

Surprise! We’re in Argentina! We packed up and headed out with our Peace Corps friends, Nalena and Jon. The same ones we spent Thanksgiving with in Villarrica. We flew out of Asuncion on Christmas Eve morning and arrived in Mendoza, Argentina by the afternoon.

Although anything but a traditional Christmas, we’re having a wonderful time! It feels special to take a trip over to our neighboring country and Jon and Nalena are great. And the Mendoza area is stunning! In a couple days we’ll bus over to another country – Chile – to see the city of Santiago.

A & I Mendoza

We have sightseeing, biking, lots of good foods and restaurants, scenic hiking, and some good old-fashioned relaxing in mind for this vacation. Of course we miss the traditions and familiar things our families are doing without us back home, but this little trip is a super fun distraction from accidentally dwelling on that.

Are you guys still in the midst of Christmas celebrations? Anyone else traveling over the holidays? We’re sending our brightest gold star wishes to each of you as you celebrate Christmas in your own way this year!


10 thoughts on “Christmas In Mendoza

  1. Looks great! I’m glad you are traveling over the holidays. Let me be the first (maybe) to tell you — Dianne won the ping pong tournament! She was awesome! She took down all the “big guys” along the way! Hopefully we’ll have a picture to show you with her trophy soon.

  2. This is clearly a photograph from sometime Summer 2012, as there is no snow on the ground or other signs of winter…

    Nice try, Isaiah and Allison.

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