The Garden Grows

It’s been a while since we’ve let you peek into our garden and like a small child, it’s growing so quickly! Unfortunately a number of veggies we planted never came up, or didn’t last long when they did. But we’re still happy to have a variety of good produce in there like lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and these black beans below.

Black Beans in Garden

Because we’re in the season of intense summer heat, it’s unusual that we started our garden when we did. So we added a protective layer of media sombra (half shade) to help our veggies thrive (or at least survive). The media sombra is the black material that’s acting as a sort of roof to part of our garden.

Garden with Media Sombra

Just this last week we picked a bunch of the black beans and used them in a delicious stir fry. I’m pretty sure knowing they were our own made it that much tastier!

Black Beans in Pod

And honestly I’ve never seen beans inside their pod before. When I wanted to get beans at the source I’d buy dry beans instead of the ones in the can. It’s interesting seeing the full circle of life.

Fresh Black Beans from Garden

Another addition is a little herb garden we created out of plastic pop and water bottles. The sad truth is that pretty much everything, including plastic, gets burned around here. It was incentive to try and repurpose some of those items. First we cut out the top of each bottle, leaving the spout fully in tact. Then Isaiah used a hot nail to punch holes in the bottom for water drainage as well as two holes on each end of the bottle to string twine through.

Making Pop Bottle Planters

Next we filled the four bottles with half dirt, half compost and planted one type of seed in each: basil, hot chili peppers, oregano, and thyme. It’s been less than a week and the basil and thyme are already peeking up.

Basil in Pop Bottle Herb Garden

We hung our two contraptions just outside our house for easy access when we’re cooking away. And they’re protected by a roof so hopefully don’t get burned out by the hot sun because I would really enjoy some fresh basil soon!

Pop Bottle Herb Garden

Have you grown some of your own food? Repurposed old pop bottles? Anyone else not know how a fresh bean looked?


8 thoughts on “The Garden Grows

  1. Your garden looks great for the dead of summer!! We planted black bean in our garden this summer, too. They are still in a bucket, and need to be shelled!:)

    • It’s been fun trying this gardening thing. We’ve picked some more black beans to eat for lunch today. Those seem to be the hardiest although we hear the tomatoes should do well this time of year too so we’ll see!

  2. It was definitely cool to see the beans in the pod; I don’t remember seeing that before.

    Man, this makes me want to do some cooking or eat something spicy or something…

    Looks like your garden was a success!

    • I never knew what that little white dot on the top of the bean was – it’s where it connects to the pod. You should cook some of that delicious spicy chili you make! I can’t believe that sounds good to me even though it’s sweaty hot here right now.

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