Let There Be

And on the 77th day of sitting in the living room of darkness, Allison rode her bike to the store, bought a lightbulb, screwed it in and said, “Let there be light!” And there was light and it was good!

The same day, Isaiah said, “Let us have a door through which we can passeth” as the key to the lock had not been found since the chicken incident. So he walked over to the good carpenters working on the house next door who busted out the old lock and installed a new one. The door hath opened and it is very good!

Miracle of a new light and open door

So yeah, big things are happening around here. I’m as confused as you are at why we put up with living room darkness for so long. (Nope, wasn’t kidding about the 77 days.) Our landlord said she’d get the lightbulb for us and in my mind it seemed hard to track down one of those big fluorescent tube lights so we just kinda waited. I think you can adjust to almost anything. Well, it turns out they’re for sale at the supermarket we frequent multiple times a week. Who knew?

And now that our front door finally opens (locked doors here can’t be opened even from the inside without a key) we can get a better breeze flowing and our guests don’t have to enter the house through our bedroom! Things are looking up. 

What home improvement projects have you guys been tackling? Any other super simple why-didn’t-I-do-this-earlier experiences?



4 thoughts on “Let There Be

  1. I finally got my Christmas lights (little touches throughout the house) up and going. Remember those overcast, cold days of winter in northern Indiana? Yeh, they’re here again.

    • Very nice to have touches of Christmas throughout the house! Try to enjoy some of that cold for us. We went jogging yesterday afternoon (worst idea ever) and nearly collapsed. We had to stop and ask someone for water as we drug ourselves back to the house!

  2. I know what you mean about just sitting on some of that stuff for awhile and then how great it feels when you actually tackle it!!! Our Prius stopped working…just wouldn’t start. There is a jumping port for the battery under the hood, but the actual battery is in the trunk. We tried to charge the battery (under hood) to no avail, and then tried to jump it with the van. Nothing. So we just let it sit there for four days and I took him to work thur and fri.

    Finally, on Sunday, I talked Marvin into tackling it. I think we both didn’t want to deal with it cuz we thought it was more serious and would have to get it towed. He searched for blown fuses and I looked for the actual battery in the trunk. It was hard to get to because the trunk wouldn’t open with a dead car. I found out there was an emergency trunk pop on Google. Battery was corroded! So we were pretty happy it wasn’t something more serious with the electronic system.

    Also, we are almost done with our new compost bin! Bought the stone in May, built it in Sep, and gates in Nov and Dec! We know how to drag projects out!!

    • Glad the problem wasn’t more serious with the car! And can’t wait to see the new compost bin – you’ll have to send pics! Feels very good to complete some of those projects although I’m all for breaking things down into small steps so they’re not too daunting!

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