Weekend Highlights

1. I learned how to fold streamers. The children’s soup kitchen we’ve been involved with celebrated its 2-year anniversary this weekend so we decked the dining hall with balloons and streamers. To do so we cut crêpe paper into long strips, then folded the two colors together to make a visual delight. Sometimes even with wispy tails at the ends.

Kids at Comedor

2. I saw raw meat. On Friday when we went to the soup kitchen to (re)hang all the decorations that had fallen down, I was greeted not by table after table of energetic children, but table after tablecloth-covered table of raw beef. A young cow was butchered that afternoon and was being cut into pieces with a handsaw for the big BBQ on Saturday. I only wish we had our camera to get a shot of all that blood dripping meat, and especially its cute little head.

Grilling Meat for Anniversary

3. I ate a lot of meat. Saturday was the big asado which ended in me consuming more beef than I’ve likely eaten in the last month combined. It just makes people so happy when you do, especially when you tell them how ricísimo (delicious) it is as you chew and chew and chew…

Comedor Asado

4. I de-armed children. Katie, an education volunteer in our town, made balloon puppies for the kids before lunch. It was a big, exciting hit especially when they all figured out how much more fun the deflated long balloons are. I mean, those can be stretched way back and snapped at unsuspecting victims. What could be better?


5. I harvested beans. We’ve neglected our garden a bit with our Thanksgiving travels and all (thankfully our neighbors agreed to water it for us), so Saturday we spent some time weeding and harvesting black beans. We even got a little lettuce too, which you can’t even find in the stores these days. (Not the season, they say.) Gotta go to the Goertz garden, I guess!

6. I rode my bike. Sunday morning had us up before usual (to beat the heat) and cruising through the countryside on our bikes. We were guided by Elva, a friend from our site, and we went all the way to one of the rivers that hugs our town.

Iron Bridge

7. I braved a bridge. We dismounted our bikes and walked by foot over the newly constructed bridge that was waaay longer than I thought. The parts that weren’t finished (lacking the guard rail or the floor boards) spooked me a little and even brought back some dizzy Cliffs of Moher memories.

A and I Iron Bridge

Isaiah decided he wanted our picture taken on the outside of the safety net of the rails. I was nervously dizzy just watching him.

Isaiah Being Risky

But then considered joining him. You know, for the picture.

Allison Considering

But decided against it. And stayed as far from the edge as possible.

On Iron Bridge

So he got the full spotlight in his model shot. Just the way it should be.

Isaiah Posing on Bridge

8. I was in a boat. But the beautiful scenery, the impromptu boat ride we got under the bridge of iron (as it’s called) and the bonding with Elva made a little fear of the bridge all worth while.

In Boat Under Bridge

9. I got burned. My legs are in pain. And not from the tiring bike ride (at least not yet). It’s because I got sunburned. I’m so fair-skinned I don’t know why I overlooked sun screening up my legs, but I did. And my shoulders and back that I did lather up? Still burned. I don’t get it. I am in pain. And hotter than before. Yes, I am my own radiator. Not that I was looking for one.

10. I ate. Isaiah and I whipped up homemade tortilla chips and fresh summer salsa not one but two nights this weekend. Best summer meal ever. Can’t wait until we can use our very own tomatoes!

Homemade Chips and Salsa

What did you do this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights

  1. I think I would have gotten dizzy on that bridge and had to crawl off of it. I guess Isaiah has no fear of falling! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. You know how I would have done on that bridge! It makes me shiver just thinking about it! Too bad about the sunburn. Do you need us to send sunscreen???

    • My sunscreen has worked in the past, so I don’t know what happened this time. I’ll give it another chance and let you know! (Or PC provides non-natural sunscreen that I could use if need be.)

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