Six Words. Six Months.

I’m wordy. I like to chat. Sometimes too much. But I also have great appreciation for the simplicity of Six Word Stories. These short stories are said to have started in the 1920s when Ernest Hemingway was challenged by his colleagues to write a complete story in just six words. Rising to the challenge, Hemingway famously wrote:

For sale: baby shoes, never used.

He considered it among his best work. Sometimes these short stories reach inside and tickle my heart because of how much can be said in so few words. So in honor of living in Paraguay for six months, I challenged my training group to sum up their experiences thus far in just six words.

Campo en Paraguay

Like Hemingway, they rose to the challenge. You’ll notice some similarities, but ultimately we each have our own (super concise) story to tell.

Why am I not yet fluent, huh?

The spiders were larger than advertised.

Well, still alive. So hot out.

peaceful life, friendly people, natural beauty.

Tranquility wanted, bugs and heat found.

heat, sweat, mosquitoes, terere, comida, sonrisa

Star gazing, dancing the days away!

enduring, creative, productive, hope, goal accomplished

Signed up destination unknown, found paradise.

Nene Malo, terere, sun, tranquilopa….everyday!

pushed. stretched. supported. loved. exhausted. alive!
-Allison (Me again)

And then we had some cute little schmoozers submit their flattering six words:

Couple of the year, the Goertzes!!!!

You and your husband are wonderful!

Mother Hen

What six words would you choose to describe your job? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Six Words. Six Months.

    • Ma, I hope you’re mostly enjoying your “job.” As they say, “if you love your job you’ll never work a day…” nevermind. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  1. Well I read this a couple of weeks ago and it has taken me this long to think of six words. Clearly it will take me some time to write a novel.

    Mommy, Wife, Consultant, in that order

    Also, I am borrowing this exercise for a training session I am going to do after the first of the year. Cheers

  2. We’re loving your posts! Happy travels for the holidays! 6 words that epitomize our Christmas: Lewis re-discovered his marshmallow air gun.

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