Feeling Festive

With temperatures reaching 100 degrees and the humidity making sweat run down the back of my knees (you know?) it was hard to believe that Christmas will be sliding down our chimney in just a few weeks. Or is that Santa?

Anyway, I determined it was time to decorate for the holidays. First up was a homemade advent calendar that I hung on the odd little wall above our kitchen table. There’s a red card for each day up until Christmas that we’ll take down each morning at breakfast to discover the message on the back.

Simple Advent Calendar

Some days have little challenges like “perform a random act of kindness” or “call someone from your G (our training group) just because.” Others have positive reflections, like naming something we’re thankful for or an unexpected joy of being Peace Corps Volunteers. I’m lucky Isaiah is such a good sport in participating in these little “games” of mine.

Advent Gratitude Calendar

Next up was a tree. Much to my surprise I have seen some traditional Christmas trees around town. However, this isn’t going to be a traditional Christmas for us, being away from family and all, so a different kind of tree was in order. Hence, this happened:

Homemade Branch Christmas Tree

Now to prove I’m not nuts (or at least not alone in being so) I found my inspiration for this odd branch tree from a very reliable source: the internet. Check out my inspiration images.

I love our strange little tree and Isaiah even admitted that he liked it too, which flattered me to no end. It’s decorated with homemade ornaments including cotton snow balls, pretty images from a travel brochure, and even some of my jewelry.
Snow Ball Christmas Ornament

But as for where I’ll be hanging out for most of this month, it’s under this homemade mistletoe found between our living room and kitchen. Who knew that toilet paper roll could look so…festive?

Homemade Mistletoe

And my last little Sunday afternoon project was hanging up the cards, notes, and drawings we’ve received from all of you guys to remind us that, in a way, we’re still celebrating this Christmas with family and friends. But so far my little twine clothesline is refusing to stay put, so I’ll have to keep working on that.

Displaying Cards on Clothesline

I know Christmas isn’t about being cold or putting up decorations, but these little house tweaks have helped put me in the Christmas spirit. They make me smile! Sometimes it’s the little things.

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas? Any other untraditional Christmas trees this year? How about Christmas album recommendations? We just have two (Josh Groban and James Taylor) and that could get a little old over a month’s time.

Branch tree inspiration images from Atypical Type A and Planet Fur


14 thoughts on “Feeling Festive

  1. Merry Christmas! Loved your inn
    ovative decorations…..which reminds me of our time in Jamaica with MEDA. Dale asked the gardener if he could find a pine tree somewhere!?? The poor guy, thought we were nuts but after Dale’s begging & explaining what we wanted……he came back in a few hours with a pineapple plant. We planted it nearby! Oh, yes, life overseas can be very educational & FUN….some times! Love your blogs! G-Aunt Lucile @ 85!

  2. I love your Christmas Tree and Advent Calendar! This Christmas will be different (for us too, since you will be gone), but I am sure you two can make it special!

    • Sometimes it hits me that this will be my first Christmas not spent with you guys and it’s hard to swallow! But I know we’ll all still have a happy, special Christmas – just miles and miles apart this year!

  3. Great job on decorating your home for Christmas. The little things mean a lot. We’ll miss you like crazy this Christmas (and going to First Mennonite for the Christmas eve service won’t quite be the same) but we’ll all make it special in our own ways.

  4. You amaze me with your creative decorating skills! I love the homemade decorations…especially the tree. We will miss you oh so much this Christmas season, but look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

    • Thanks Jen! Trying to make it feel a little more like “home.” Oh how I’ll miss our annual Christmas date! Should we Skype while watching a chick flick and eating mudslides or what?

      • Aww, I’ll definitely miss our annual Christmas date! 😦 A trailer for some chick flick came on while we were watching football at D&P’s over Thanksgiving, and Mont said something about how that looks like a movie we’d all go see for our Christmas outing! I don’t remember what movie it was, but I do remember trying to hide the fact that I was getting teary in front of his family!

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