We are doing some reconnecting this week. With what? Well, I’m glad you asked because I happen to have the whole rundown for you.

Our Goods. This weekend we were in Asunción so we went on a shopping spree! We literally shopped until we dropped from the fierce heat combined with tons of walking and carrying around all our prized purchases. If it wasn’t for that ice cream break I’m not sure we’d have survived to tell the tale.

But it was worth it. Or at least it will be once we’re reconnected with this box of treasures when our contact/host/landlord makes the trip to Asunción to visit her mom and brings this box back in her car. A much simpler plan than trying to wrangle it all on different buses that we’ll need to take. Excited to peek inside? Me too (again)! It’s filled with mostly kitchen stuff – from food stuffs we never imagined we’d find in Paraguay (chia seeds anyone?) to utensils and pans we’re thrilled to start using.

Our Training Group. All 27 of the volunteers who make up G-39, the best training group ever, are reconnecting today through Wednesday in our old training center. We’ll have language classes and receive training on how to proceed with our service now that the introductory “just make friends and get to know your community” stage of our service is coming to an end. (How fast did those 3 months fly?) Mostly I’m excited to see my fellow G-mates again and hear how everyone is doing. Gee, it seems like just yesterday not too long ago that we landed in the Asunción airport unsure of what the next two years had in store for us.

Our Ypane Host Family. And since we’re back in our old training communities, we have reconnected and are staying with our awesome host family from our training days. We arrived yesterday in time for a big Sunday lunch with the whole gang. Isaiah and I both admitted how good it felt to be in the midst of a big, loud, fun-loving, joke-throwing family again. We really hit the host family jackpot. It actually feels like reconnecting with extended family. Pretty cool.

What did you find yourself doing this past weekend? Any other reuniting going on? Anyone else hitting the road this week – maybe for Thanks Day? How’s the weather? Am I the only one who has been forced to make friends with the beads of sweat constantly rolling down my body? For your sake, I kinda hope so.


6 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. Have a great Thanksgiving Day! Yes, I know the feeling of gathering with the group! And also trying to find the things you need in another country. We will head to Estes Park CO on Wed & our 2 college age Granddaughters will serve Thanksgiving Feast. Should be a fun time! Lots of Love, Great Aunt Lucile

  2. Sounds like lots of fun to reunite with your PC group. And how great it will be to have more kitchen supplies when you get back to Yuty. It is 60ish here – and I hear we may hit 70 on Wednesday. Not too shabby! We’ll miss you here at Thanksgiving – but know you’re doing what you were meant to do!!

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