Our Paraguayan Apartment

We’ve already given you the grand tour of our apartment in Ireland and our host family’s place in Paraguay during Peace Corps training, so of course we wouldn’t hold out on you now that we have a place to call our own! I cordially invite you inside the warmth of our home (no seriously, it’s pretty hot in here). And although Isaiah The Guide makes some comments in jest about the features of the place and our furnishings, we are both happy as clams with our cozy apartment.

A Few Tidbits:

  • I didn’t know what Isaiah was going to say, hence my constant giggling in the background. My apologies.
  • Be sure to notice our garden in the last scene. Things are sprouting since our last post!
  • Can anyone name that website Isaiah is “studiously reviewing” in the beginning?
  • And because we love you, our family and friends, we have included for no extra charge a Bonus Feature at the very very end. Yes, outtakes.

What was your favorite part of our apartment? Does it make you want to come and visit us? Anyone else have experience with chairs that are just too short for the table? Should we cut down the table legs or just enjoy shoveling in the food?

By the way – if the video is loading slowly you can help it out by watching it directly in YouTube by clicking the YouTube label at the bottom right of the video box above.


31 thoughts on “Our Paraguayan Apartment

  1. This made my day – I loved it!! It totally made me want to come visit you!

    I really like the custom weather stripping at the bottom of the door in your bedroom, and of course the table that enables you to eat so efficiently. But I think my favorite thing was the outtakes at the end – hilarious! It’s so good to see/hear you both!

    • Well, our door is always open for you to visit! So glad you enjoyed the video – it was fun to make and Isaiah was humored I included those outtakes. (Let me tell ya there were plenty to choose from, hehe.) He did a great job as the star and I was the shaky camerawoman and editor. Ok wow, I miss you!

  2. I was impressed. Thanks for the tour. We’ll come visit you when the snow is flying here and your garden is bearing! Ha, Ha. It’s always so good to hear from you and know that you’re enjoying your experience in a foreign country which is always loaded with interesting people who are easy to love. Your grandmother and grandfather were here over the past wk.end for our sister reunion…. a gift from Amy Phend and our daughter Anne. They brought Natalie and Sara. Your uncle Steve also came.A good time as usual, but age is telling. Love you, Verna

  3. Allison and Isaiah: Thanks for the wonderful tour of your house and surroundings. I like the many neat features you have with the house. And the garden looks great. Marie and I just picked our pumpkins and then I tilled the garden under, ready for next year.

    • Fun that it’s the time for pumpkins there! We had a lot of fun making the video. Now here’s hoping we reap some good produce from the garden like you did this year!

    • You were the inspiration that got Isaiah to agree to be tour guide, Drew. I reminded him that you wanted him to pop out from somewhere in our Ireland apartment video. After that he decided it would be fun! Miss you and Justine too! Thinking of fall in the states reminds me of the gorgeous fall weekend we spent at the cabin with you two last year (just last year?) – such game playing, soup making, 4-wheeling fun!

  4. Thanks for the tour! The house looks nice. We watched it this morning and Marie was so excited to see Isaiah and I said – yeah, we didn’t see Allison, but you could hear her and she said – we saw Allison – she was eating cereal at the table! So she didn’t miss a thing!

  5. You both had me giggling the whole way thru the video! How entertaining and I like that positive outlook you have! The garden is coming right along! Amazing! Do you need to occasionally rinse the red dust off the leaves?

    • Well, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who kept on giggling! Haha. Yes, I’m so excited to actually eat something that we grew ourselves. We’ve been watering it nearly every day, so that’s given the leaves a good shower from all the red dust around here!

  6. Isaiah’s commentary cracked me up! Glad to hear you are settled in your new apartment! I loved the “skylights” and all the “customizing” you did to have nightstands, etc. We miss seeing you at family events but you are doing just wonderful things with your young lives!

    • I bet you would have seen some of the “customizing” we did before you built your place, right? Haha. Yes, we miss being at family events too but always enjoy hearing about what’s going on back home!

  7. Loved the entire tour! And the tour guide did an entertaining (to say the least) job! And your giggling, Allison, just made it all the funnier! It’s nice to see where you guys now live. And the garden looks great!

    • He may have a future in showbiz, eh? Yeah, I was hoping a video would help you guys picture it all – even walking out to our garden, etc. I can’t wait until we can harvest some veggies from there!

  8. David and I got a kick out of Isaiah’s dialog! 🙂 Out of curiosity, what happens to your skylights when it rains? Loved the outtakes too. Keep the videos coming.

    • The funny thing about the skylights are they don’t let in rain – and we’ve had some strong storms where many other parts of the apartment were dripping like faucets! Maybe the holes are actually covered higher up, but still let in light for our enjoyment?

  9. As with many here, I’m a big fan of the skylight. Was Isaiah on Grooveshark at the beginning of the video? I’m thinking that might explain the funky music that was playing throughout the tour . . .

    So what is the best time of year to come visit?

    • Believe it or not, it was FB! You know how Isaiah loves it. Haha.

      We hear the best time for visitors is anytime except the hottest months (Nov/Dec – Jan/Feb) or the coldest (Jun-July) but we’d love to have you any time!

  10. Hi Allison & Isaiah, Loved the tour of your house and garden, Isaiah’s humorous commentary, and Allison’s giggles!! Your blog is so special and I enjoy it so much! It’s great to get a visual of your life in Paraguay. Keep them coming, please!

    • Thanks, Dianne! We have a lot of fun updating it, but knowing that our friends and family actually read it is really what warms our hearts and makes us feel all loved – and keeps us writing posts. So thanks for commenting and staying in touch!

  11. Loved the video!! Isaiah, you are quite the tour guide!! The outtakes were great! So glad to get an idea of where you are living.

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