Retractable Mosquito Net

I expressed my feelings about our mosquito net in this early post during our training program. At the time it seemed to do nothing more than encroach my space and tickle the back of my neck when I wasn’t feeling very playful. But times, they are a-changin’.

Here in Yuty we slept sans net for over a month but as the moths flew full speed at the light from the computer screen I often use to read an eBook to Isaiah before bed, my gasping and flailing and nearly throwing the laptop was anything but restful. For either of us, so I’m told. It was time for the hunter green canopy to make another appearance.

This time it is welcomed. This time I use it gladly to escape from all things that whisper sweet buzzings in my ear at night. And you could even say we’re making a fashion statement with our creatively retractable canopy bed. Now you see it, use it, love it.

Then with a click of three little clothespins,

it can be rolled back and swagged beautifully behind the bed as a headboard tapestry leaving our room spacious and open.

I’m sure the trend will be hitting bedrooms all across Paraguay very soon. And speaking of beds, we have one of our own! It was our first big buy in the country and it’s very comfy. We even had the frame custom-made. Ooo la la, right? We’re very satisfied with our choice and there’s nothing like investing in a large piece of furniture to make you feel like you’re going to stick around for a while.

We decided to move into the recently renovated apartment attached to our host’s house for at least these next 6 months. It wasn’t a long move to wheel our suitcases from our old bedroom in the house over a few dozen feet to our new apartment, but it feels good to have our own space and is exciting to settle in. And don’t worry, we’ll be back to give you the grand tour of the place soon!


12 thoughts on “Retractable Mosquito Net

    • Yes, we use them all the time! Great for propping up for reading or just looping my arm over at night. And we just washed the covers – easy. They were a great find! Thanks!

    • We’ve tried him reading to me but his soothing voice puts me out in a matter of seconds and then he ends up reading out loud to himself for pages and pages! The next day I have no clue what happened in the book.

    • We drove nails into the ceiling rafters, then tied twine around the nails and the mosquito netting. At the foot of the bed we tied clothes pins to the end of the twine instead, and they pinch the mosquito netting to hold it up when we want to use it, and release it when we want it out of the way. Hope it helps!

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