Tour Our Town

Take a walk with us around our quaint and dusty little town of Yuty, Paraguay. We’ll go by open landscape in the outskirts as well as our supermarket and favorite hardware store in the centro. We pass little friends from the comedor and many a wandering animal as well. In fact, our walk started out by meeting some cute baby chickies in the ditch.

Enjoy your virtual visit (and we look forward to when you stop by to see it all in person)!

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4 thoughts on “Tour Our Town

  1. Love seeing pictures of your town!! Now I can picture it better in my mind when I hear stories about what you’re doing. Plus I like seeing your smiling face 🙂

  2. I enjoyed seeing the pictures & Marie really enjoyed the chicks. We watched that video 5 times! Then when it was over she saw the picture of your cattle drive video from Ireland and so we watched that too.

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