How Does Your Garden Grow?

We have some lovely missionary neighbors from South Africa who just so happen to have this lovely piece of land in the yard next to their house.

Well, okay. Maybe it’s not much to look at now, but we have dreams of turning it into a beautiful garden, plentiful with all the veggies we could ever want. So when our neighbors invited us over for dinner and a movie (projected on their living room wall – so fun!) to get to know them and their three sweet children, we took the opportunity to ask if they had any plans for the space.

They already have another garden plot, so they gave us the blessing to dig in, quite literally, and create the garden of our dreams. (Or to at least take a stab at growing a few things of our own.)

This space is ideal for a number of reasons:

1. Location: It’s not far from our house – just in the back of our yard – so it will be convenient to work in. (I hear there is some upkeep to these gardens!)

2. Protection: It’s already fenced in to keep our goodies out of the hungry mouths of dogs or other animals who will very surely wander by.

3. Water: It has a water spigot inside the fence for an easy water source, which will be crucial especially as we approach Paraguay’s blistering summer months that don’t often see much rain.

Isaiah and I are both naïvely excited to give this a whirl. Especially because we got our hands on some red chili pepper seeds to hopefully grow our own hot peppers – a staple in our cooking that is next to impossible to find in our little town.

We can’t claim this as our very first go at gardening. We did attempt a super small garden in our yard in Goshen. But wouldn’t you know it that vacations and travels got the best of us and we left our barely budding plants to dry up from thirst, never able to reap a harvest of more than a couple of basil leaves.

Fingers crossed that this time will be different. We know it will be a lot of work, but I’m hoping it can be something enjoyable as well. At the least, it will be a learning experience as much of our life is right now. However, we’d love help from all of you with thumbs even slightly greener than our own. What is your best advice for us as we plan to turn this plot of weeds into a garden of produce?


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