Future Site Visit

We’ve tasted the future this week and our appetites are whet. The 5 days we spent in our future site saw us meeting a bucket of friendly community members, being welcomed by the mayor of the town, chatting with managers of two different cooperatives that we’ll be working with, visiting the radio station that is in the process of adding a TV station (my dream once my language skills improve a little more!),and securing a great place to live for our first bit – with a 30-something chica who we get along with swimmingly and loves guacamole and spicy food nearly as much as we do.

We were lucky to have the current volunteer still in site to show us around, give us the history and status of projects she has started or completed over her two years of service, and supremely help acclimate us to the town.

A short section of one of the roads in town is asphalt but the rest are either a type of cobblestone or dirt. While we were there they were updating a dirt road to cobblestone, which will prevent washouts when it rains.

I’ve decided it’s the ideal size: small and cozy at around 5,500 people, but large enough to have its own bank, supermarket, bus terminal, and post office. Because of this, we have a new address so we can receive mail right in our town. Hooray! It is:

Isaiah and Allison Goertz
Cuerpo de Paz
Yuty, Caazapa
South America

Super cute how the address is just our town name, right? Sorta like Hanston, Kansas. We’re told our post office knows everyone and will give us a ring if something arrives for us. It feels good to be known and taken care of.

Now we’re finishing up the last week of our training program before swearing-in as Peace Corps Volunteers this Friday and heading to our site early next week. We had language interviews to determine our level in Spanish and Guaraní so fingers crossed the language teachers find us both proficient or that could change a few plans!

Two years among the smiles and red dirt roads, tereré and fields of green, Guaraní and avocado trees in our little spot on the globe will be good. Here we come Yuty, Paraguay!


8 thoughts on “Future Site Visit

  1. Love seeing the pictures of your new town! And I look forward to hearing more details about your placement once you move and get settled. Are you going to have your own t.v. show at the new station? 🙂

    Super jealous about the avocado trees!!!

  2. I am so happy to hear the visit went well! It sounds like a perfect fit. Avocado tree = awesome! I know you have experience using the microphone, so your own TV show would be a great fit. I am remembering the Des Moines service trip around your Birthday in like 2000…haha!

    • Oh my goodness! You have such a great knack for remembering little things like that, Sarah – I love how you can bring back those good/funny memories! So I guess I can use that as my experience if they ask for any…haha!

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