Our Site Placement

We finally found out our site placement for the 2-year journey that is Peace Corps! Our new home will be a town called…well, we’ll let you know as soon as we figure out how to pronounce the name. It’s a small town of about 5,500 people by the name of Yuty. It’s a Guarani word pronounced something like the band name U2 with a little more “jeh” at the beginning.

Based on what we know at this point (which includes a packet of information and what the site selectors told us) we are super excited and think this is a great fit for us! It’s lush with trees and green pastures and is scenically located between two large rivers. And it is famous for the magnetic stone, Ita Karu, so we definitely need to check that out. They told us that because of its relative isolation, it’s a hard-working and close-knit town full of welcoming people who are very motivated to work toward further development.

Although specific details about our work will fall into place after we take up residence in our site after August 10, we know we’ll be working with two cooperatives, a community group, and the local municipality.

One of the cooperatives wants help with informing its members about all the services available and how to best use them. The other cooperative is just being formed so wants help in getting their official recognition. The municipality would like to develop tourism and infrastructure. And the community group is a collaboration of 5 neighborhood commissions that do a variety of projects from environmental to construction. Their biggest project is the Comedor Communitario (a community soup kitchen) and they would like to extend their operations to become an association and legal entity.

We get to visit Yuty from Friday through Wednesday, meet some of the folks we’ll be working alongside, and also talk with the current Peace Corps Volunteer in Yuty who is just wrapping up her two-years of service and whose spot we will be taking. We hear she is extremely hard-working and has down so much work in the town but hopefully between the two of us, Isaiah and I can attempt to fill her shoes! We’re ready to get started!


8 thoughts on “Our Site Placement

  1. So excited Alison and Isaiah!!! Also, the cooperative Ycua Bolaños is a branch of the cooperative Ycua Bolaños in Caazapá- hence, we are all working at the same cooperative! I am sure we will be working on some projects together in the future 🙂

    Welcome to Caazapa!!

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