A Typical Day

Although no two days are quite alike, here’s basic idea of what’s been filling up our time here in Paraguay.

7:30 am: Get picked up by the Peace Corps bus and head to our training center in Guarambare.

8 am – 12 pm: Language class with a couple other trainees at a similar language level – with a few breaks, of course.

12 – 1pm: Eat our lunches lovingly packed by our host families. Share and swap food we’ve grown tired of for something that appears new and different.

1 – 5 pm: A combo of tech training or medical training. This includes short informational presentations, interactive demos, group technical projects where we often plan and present something, hearing from current volunteers who share from their experiences, etc.

5 – 5:30 pm: Ride the public buses back to our home community.

5:30 – 9:30 pm: Return home and eat a merienda or snack, then later a light supper, complete homework assignments for language or tech projects, chat with our families and start heading toward bed for much needed sleep!

On the weekends there is much more time for sitting around enjoying chats with our host family and friends, time Isaiah and I both cherish.

And even this normal weekday schedule is switched out for fun days like our volunteer visit, or Long Field Practice, or days like last Friday where we went to the Expo.

The Expo reminded me a lot of a county fair with impressive booths set up advertising their products, lots of foods to try, artisan goods to browse, and even games and rides for kids to enjoy. It was a beautiful sunny day for walking around. Isaiah even got to meet Barack Obama in the flesh cardboard!

So that’s what’s kept us busy these past 7 weeks! Tomorrow is a super special day of exploring the history of Asunción in the morning and then finding out our future sites in the afternoon. Think of us around 4pm tomorrow as we learn this much, much anticipated news!


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