It’s the little things that bridge the gap between home and here. Like when Isaiah and I returned home last night from a friend’s house to find our host family intensely playing Dutch Blitz, a vonderful goot game that we brought with us from home and taught to our host family one of our first weeks here.

It warmed me from the inside out to see them playing this all too familiar game from my childhood unprompted by us. Since it’s a game commonly played in the Mennonite circles in which I’ve always run, it feels like a giant hug and a bowl of chicken noodle soup: comforting, familiar, homey.

They’ve tasted the Kool Aid and now love the game as much as I do. Which is a lot. In fact, I’ve gotta run because we’re starting a Dutch Blitz tournament on the patio right now! My host sister ordered the game from the internet so now we have two decks in the house and are about to make the most of it. Blitz!


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