Let’s Party

There is much to celebrate in Paraguay and celebrate we do! A few weeks ago we celebrated the Day of San Juan at our training center, preparing traditional foods and playing typical games.

Many games revolved around your future like when you will marry, have a baby, or get a house of your own. Hopefully San Juan is wrong sometimes because he said (in one of the games that I played) that I was going to have a little baby this year. I don’t see that fitting in with our Peace Corps plans!

There were games just for fun too, like Pin the Tail on the Pig, pinatas, and a sack race.

After the exciting preliminary heats in the sack race we raced all the preliminary winners against each other for the grand champion. Lucky for you, I filmed the contest so check it out. You just might recognize the ganador (winner)!

We also attended a fiesta in our town, Ypane. Each town has a patron saint and ours is Saint Peter so the other week there was much celebrating in his honor. Food booths, music, rides for the kids – think state fair with a Paraguayan flair.

And like all important events, there was a big asado with plenty of meat to go around.

But living in Paraguay doesn’t drop our desire to celebrate US holidays too, so our entire training group headed to Asunción to celebrate the 4th of July at the US Embassy. The day was a trip back to the States with a big BBQ; a delicious dessert table I could hardly step away from complete with cheesecakes, Buckeyes, 7 layer bars and other familiar treats; and games such as tug-of-war, egg toss, and volleyball. It was fun to chat it up with current volunteers who attended as well as step into another world for the afternoon.

How have you been celebrating lately?


5 thoughts on “Let’s Party

  1. Man, that was a close one… Isaiah trailed early but showed a lot of heart and determination to overcome that.

  2. Sounds like you guys are livin’ it up and making lots of friends from the Corps. Isaiah, way to dive across the finish line there at the end after giving those other fellas a head start. Looks like you might even have gotten a bit muddy. Nice!

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