Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Paraguayans are a generous people and this is manifested by the 26 families who have opened up their homes and lives for 10 weeks while G-39 is in training in the towns of Ypane (my town) and Villeta. My house would be classified on the chuchi end of things here in Paraguay, which is Paraguayan slang for fancy.

With a private ensuite bathroom, automatic washer and dryer, and wi-fi (pronounced wee-fee in Spanish) I’d have to agree. I love the patio the most. Take a look around.

Last week, on June 12, Isaiah and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. Just like my stint in Paraguay so far, it feels like forever and brand spanking new at the same time. As coincidence would have it, the only other married couple in our G-39 group got married on the exact same day as us. On the exact same year. At almost the exact same time. It’s too crazy and I love it. And our sweet group surprised us with a delicious cake to celebrate the occasion.

In other celebration-related news, it’s Father’s Day here in Paraguay as well as in the US of A. So to my real dad, Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for giving me an adventurous spirit that has led me to right where I am today – learning a new language, exploring a new culture and volunteering in Paraguay with a husband who shares so many of your qualities. I love you!

And to Isaiah’s late father, Henry, (just in case they have “wee-fee” in heaven): thank you. Thank you for raising your sunny boy to be so adaptable to new surroundings, so curious about this new culture, so willing to learn a totally new language, and such an apparent joy to many. These are doubtlessly traits passed down from you.

My host family is prepping for a big asado tonight, which is like a pimped out BBQ. Just check out this cut of meat we have for the event!

Isaiah, my host dad, and host brother are out purchasing some more meat for the asado. You know, in case we don’t already have enough. Have I mentioned that Paraguay is humongously carnivorous? When we first arrived Isaiah and I told our host family we don’t eat much meat (in Paraguayan standards) and it’s been a curious thing. Last night our host niece asked if they have meat in the US and we replied “Nope because Paraguay is eating it all!”

Sending much love to each of you! Hasta luego. Until later.


8 thoughts on “Mi Casa Es Su Casa

  1. Looks like a very nice place to stay! Thanks for the kind words about my dad – we all miss him much. I liked the shot of Isaiah studying up on his Guarani right before class. Good to know he still has some capability for procrastination!

  2. Loved seeing the tour of your house! My only request would be for the official “tour guide” voice narration next time 🙂 haha
    Awesome that you share your wedding anniversary with the other couple in the group – such a fun coincidence!
    Very sweet words about both of your wonderful dads…and hope you had fun celebrating with your host family and all that meat!

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