This Weekend In Photos

Cooking in Class. Saturday’s class (why yes, we have classes 6 days a week) included a cooking session of mbeju and guacamole. It was delicious! Mbeju is like a flat bread made from yucca flour, corn flour, butter, cheese, whole milk, and salt pressed into a small frying pan and flipped until golden brown on both sides. Then cut it into wedges, dip into the fresh guac and enjoy!

Saturday Night Fiesta. Saturday was fellow trainee, Laura’s, birthday so a bunch of folks from the other satellite community took the 15 minute ride on a micro (bus) to Ypane and gathered with our group at my host family’s house for hanging out and watching the Paraguay v. Bolivia soccer game!

Sunday Lunch. Isaiah and I cooked up huge pots of rice, chicken curry (complete with authentic curry spices from our good friend Thushan), and lentils for a lunch with our whole family.

Our siblings chatted and drank terere (basically the drink of Paraguay – we’ll have to write more about this later) with us in the kitchen while we cooked. Everyone is tranquilo (laid back) here so it was a fun leisurely time as head chefs.

This is the whole family at lunch. Clockwise from Isaiah (in the orange sweater): Isaiah, Justino (my host dad), Jorgelina (my host mom), Tanya (my host sister), Amari (Tanya’s daughter), Gloria (my host sister-in-law), David (my host brother), Adolfo (my other host brother), and Cristina (my host sister). Just Adolfo, Cristina and the parents live in the house with us. The others are married so have their own houses nearby. It’s a great family that likes to joke around and have fun together.

We had a great second weekend here in Paraguay! What did you do?


13 thoughts on “This Weekend In Photos

  1. I was checking my email and was excited to see the blog update pop up 🙂 So fun to see pictures of your host family and house! Looks like you’re settling in well and continuing your love of cooking. Did Isaiah give everyone a lesson on making the guacamole? 🙂

    • I want to take a little video of our house soon too! Ha. Isaiah didn’t say much (at least not that I could understand) while we were making the guac but soon enough he’ll have to whip up a batch of his famous stuff…and then the requests for lessons will begin! Yum yum.

  2. Hi Allison & Isaiah, I just got back from Rebecca Gingrich’s wedding. A fun time was had by all! It was outdoors at the Marriott hotel; was hot today (90) but a nice breeze helped it be very comfortable. I sat at the same table as your Mom and Dad for the reception. You’ll be glad to know they behaved themselves…..your Dad was quite a cutup on the dance floor though! Glad things are going well for you in Paraguay!

      • Oh yeah! I was thinking 3 b/c Henry is 3 and I thought it was the same, but I guess he was walking at your wedding!! ( I was thinking to myself that 3 years FLEW by!)

      • Not just walking but strutting his stuff in those suspenders and bow tie. What a heartbreaker he’s going to be!

  3. Ooh, I feel like we are talking b/c you responded right away!? I’ll stop after this msg, but what time is it there?

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