Bienvenidos A Miami

We’ve arrived in Miami, registered as Peace Corps Trainees, and met most of the Community Economic Development group (28 of us in total) that we’ll be training with for the next 10 weeks. I even returned from the bathroom at the O’Hare airport this morning on our way to Miami to find Isaiah chatting with another married couple who turned out to be in our training group, Nalena and Jon.

Then we met up with a few more on the shuttle from Miami Airport to our hotel. The large amount of luggage usually gave it away.

So far the group is getting along great, but of course we’re all on our best behaviors. I’m excited to get to know all these folks more and it’s already been fun to share our experiences of going through the application process and responding to many good-natured questions of, “So what is it specifically that you’ll be doing?” or “Where is it specifically that you’ll be living?” to which we’ve all had to answer, “We don’t know!”

Tomorrow morning starts a full day of training slash orientation including a few shots if we need them. Then we board our 11pm flight to Paraguay (with a stop in Buenos Aires, Argentina). So far, so good!


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