Our Guests Arrive!

We are honored and thrilled to have Isaiah’s brother, Marvin, and his wife, Eve, visiting us in Ireland for the next week! They arrived safe and sound yesterday in Dublin, hopped on a bus to Galway and we all but ran into each other going through a doorway at the bus terminal. Quite a nice deal for a couple of couples without cell phones for that instant contact we’ve all grown accustomed to.

They were in high spirits despite their lack of sleep on the overnight flight mixed with the time change. And I think I noticed Isaiah breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of some new flesh and blood to listen to my yammering. Ha!

We spent some time walking the streets of Galway, enjoyed a tasty lunch and dodged the on again off again showers that make Ireland the place that it is. Then it was time to play host so we took them back to our neck of the woods on the west coast. It was fun to see the unique landscapes of the area through new eyes as we’ve been here just long enough to almost get used to the sights.

It’s wonderful to have these guys experience Ireland with us as they’re not just our family, they’re our friends.

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4 thoughts on “Our Guests Arrive!

  1. Have you heard any cuckoos yet? They should be starting their familiar mating call.

    I really enjoy following your adventures.

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