We Want Some Moher

I learned some things while visiting the Cliffs of Moher. The first is I am officially not going to be a tightrope walker. Ever. So I have crossed that off the ongoing list in my head of potentially awesome careers. And the second is this: little tikes know their stuff.

You see, these Cliffs of Moher reach up 700 feet out of the water and we hopped a fence marked Extreme Danger: Do Not Enter (just beyond the placard in remembrance of all who have lost their lives at the Cliffs of Moher) to walk along the edge of them. Everyone else was doing it and if everyone else walked along a beautiful and famous cliff edge, yes, I would do it too. And I did.

But thank goodness for my sweet nearly three-year-old niece, Marie, who taught me what to do in scary situations like meeting new people or walking along the edge of a cliff: stiffen your neck so you can’t see side to side, cast your gaze down and press forward. I borrowed this technique several times and by golly, it works.

Even I, with my medium hot fear of heights, made it all the way from the tourist end of things out to the farthest watchtower and back – a trek we leisurely made in about 3 hours (with time for a snack break, of course).

It’s true I can be a bit of a drama queen, but I happen to live with the inconvenient reality that when I get nervous I get dizzy. Like when I worked at my brother-in-law’s family auction business typing in what each batch of produce sold for as quickly as I could while a line formed of buyers ready to pay for their goods and get on with their day. I wanted to work quickly but accurately and I’d inevitably end up fighting dizziness as I stood by the computer.

Or have you ever towered over a shrinking elderly lady where you have to lean down over her to talk after church? Dizzy. Every time I talk to Becky Bixler I’m bracing myself so I don’t lose balance and crash down right on top of her. Dizziness is not a symptom I wanted emerging on a cliff’s edge.

My rule of thumb was to size up if I could trip and face plant toward the cliff’s edge and still be alive. If so, I was relatively confident. But if there wasn’t space for my 5’6” body to sprawl without plummeting then it was time to channel adorable little Marie.

My how the view was worth it. Stunning. Breathtaking. A highlight of our trip so far.

That’s just life, isn’t it? Sometimes all you can muster is to put on those imaginary blinders, stiffen your neck and keep moving forward as best you can. When it’s safe to plug back into the world you might look up to find some amazing views. And glancing over your shoulder (after stabilizing your footing) to see how far you’ve traveled is fuel for the soul and edges you on forward one step at a time.


15 thoughts on “We Want Some Moher

  1. Hey, you made my gut muscles tighten up! And I thought this old lady was a bit crazy! What fun. Love your photos & messaging. G-aunt Lucile

  2. I am glad that Marie’s stiff neck technique helped! The pictures are great and I am sure the view was worth the possible dizziness.

    • Yes! It really did. I was naturally keeping my head cocked away from the cliff edge when the path got pretty narrow and suddenly I thought, “Hey, this is just what Marie does sometimes!”

  3. BEAUTIFUL! This is now officially added to my bucket list, though man – I understand the fear of heights thing… even looking at pictures made me nervous about plummeting to my death. 🙂

    • Phew. So glad I’m not alone! It seemed all the other people out there were just cruising around posing for pics right up to the edge and I was like, “Am I the only one waiting to see someone accidentally plummet over the edge?” Ha.

  4. Cool pictures… But I may need to give you both a stern talking-to once you get home, about doing dangerous things and peer pressure.

  5. OK – that made me a little nervous – but I finally relaxed and enjoyed the great pics! Plus I got a chuckle out of your narration!

    • Yes, good thing I had Marie to show me how it’s done! I felt just like her out there. Hehe. Most parts there was plenty of space, just a few narrow parts that really made me nervous!

  6. I don’t know why those hooligans were so close to the edge of that cliff. I would be too scared to even go close to the edge. And the one on the rocks above could have slipped and fallen off the cliff.. And my name is Mo-Mo. That was Uncle J Boy Meanie Pants

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