Another Hiking Haiku

Morning has broken.
Rain-free skies invite us to
Caher Valley Loop.

Animal whisperer shrieker.
“Helloooo cow!”  and all heads turn.
Makes for good photos.

Peace. Quiet. Stillness.
Willingly enveloped by
Nature’s kind embrace.

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4 thoughts on “Another Hiking Haiku

  1. Those were some sweet rocks (the ridged boulders), and the circular lichen patterns…

    Isaiah, you are sporting a very “Boards of Canada” look with your woolen hat… Speaking of which, you guys should track them down! Invade the Turquoise Hexagon Sun! (Why didn’t I think of this before… But there’s still time!)

    • Yes, well, that was the look I was going for. I’m glad that someone recognized!

      Unfortunately, I don’t know that Scotland is in the cards for us this go around. If we do make it off this island, it might be to go to England and possibly the Netherlands. But, you’re right. I should march right up to Mikey and Marc and demand another gosh darn BoC album. Campfire Headphase was ages ago.

  2. Hi on a sunny Mon. a.m. in Goshen. We are enjoying your trip….. but probably not quite as much as you are. Thanks for including us, anyway. What beautiful country. Green is my favorite color for our earth! Continue to enjoy. Love, Luke and Verna

    • It’s great to have you joining in on the fun. Yes, we’re having an excellent time. We’ll have to meet up with you guys in May when we return to the land of Goshen!

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