Fox Hunt

The horses and riders (dressed in official riding clothes, no doubt) congregate with anticipation on the lush green lawn.

They take turns jumping over the short, stone wall. A few horses run with gusto to the wall only to hesitate in mid leap, turn on their hind legs and abashedly trot to the end of the line for take 2. I can’t blame them. It’s how I felt at the edge of the Goshen College pool when my BFF Kate patiently tried teaching me how to dive. I only wish I had had a line of other divers to retreat behind.

Then all those mustang sallies gallop around the countryside searching for a fox. Or so we’re told. It’s an annual event in Ballyvaughn, which is the next town over from Fanore. But truth be told, we didn’t have a clue what was going on.

So we just enjoyed watching the horses jump the walls, explore by the ocean, and cruise over the grassy knolls.

Of course Isaiah, the photographer, got snappy in a graveyard.

So I waited, ate some snacks we had packed and watched those pretty little horses do their fox trot.

And then Nickel Creek showed up and sang “The Fox” to all those who had gathered!

Ok, not really, but I would have loved that. That song was running through my head as I watched the horses search for that elusive fox in Ballyvaughn though, so that’s pretty much the same. Right?


7 thoughts on “Fox Hunt

    • I know! I think by now it’s kinda a fun annual thing they must do more as a tradition than anything else, but actually that’s just my best guess. I have no idea. Maybe it’s totally serious and standard! But yes, we enjoyed it!

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