St. Patty Day II

Even after all the fun we had celebrating St. Patty Day on Saturday, we were lucky enough to get another dose on Sunday. This time in our “hometown” of Fanore.

Sunday was filled with intermittent rain amongst otherwise sunny skies, singing, raffle drawings, and of course another parade.

There was even a moment we considered getting a dog.

But in the end were content with simply taking in the sights and sounds of some gleeful dancing at the local pub, O’Donoghue’s, where townsfolk of all ages gather to socialize and celebrate.

Let’s end with a fun factoid, shall we? O’Donoghue’s Pub is 101 years old and still in the family. Can I get a collective, “Awwww….”?


10 thoughts on “St. Patty Day II

  1. Greetings,
    When I lived in rural Co. Mayo 40 years ago we celebrated St. Patrick’s day by going to mass– it was a “holy day.”
    I am giving my son Jesse your blog address as he studied a semester in Cork.

    • I know. We really blew it by letting him go! Haha. It was hilarious because when Isaiah would try to basically pull him forward, he would just lay down in the street showing that he didn’t want to budge. He was a pretty heavy guy too!

    • Do you wish we would have kept him, Morgie? We ended up tying him up to a pole where we found him (and think he was originally tied up – but the knot must have come lose that first time when we petted him). We’re thinking his owners tied him up there and then went into downtown (a few feet away) for the St. Patty’s festivities. He was gone when we walked home so we trust he’s safe and sound with his family!

  2. I can’t believe you almost kept the dog!! You’re gone for a month, and I don’t even know you anymore πŸ™‚

    Looks like a fun parade!

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