My Husband, The Photographer

You knew Isaiah was good with a computer, but did you know he likes to tap into his creative side, channel the likes of Ansel Adams and get his photography on? Well, he does. So now you know.

He seems to enjoy having a camera within easy reach so he can take up the challenge of capturing an image just so. Every once in a while Quite often I feel like a kid whose parents are chatting with people for too long after church. Come on!

But overall it’s endearing to see him look at the world – or a tiny snail or rusty nail – as something with beauty and interest worth capturing. It’s powerful to look at each moment through that same lens.

Not to mention what he’ll do to get the shot. Most common poses include The Squat:

The Snake:

The Statue:

Thank you, Photographer Goertz, for showing me the joy in stopping to shoot the roses.

[And Drew, this post is filled with photos of Isaiah especially per your requests. I hope you enjoyed!]


10 thoughts on “My Husband, The Photographer

  1. Now that just warms my heart! You know, he did learn from the best about taking time to photograph things (our dad) . . . Just wait until he gets a video camera!

  2. Thanks for the email and do enjoy the wee island. We will indeed drop in from time to time. Where are you now?
    John and Naomi in Goshen

    • We’re in Fanore – a very small town in County Clare, right along the west coast. It’ll be our “home base” while we’re here but we plan to pop out for day trips and longer trips too.

      So glad to have you dropping in!

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