We’re in Ireland until the end of April and we want to take it all in. So we kneel before you to ask: What Would You Do?

We know many of you have been to Ireland or perhaps have a friend or relative who has soaked up the luck of the Irish. What did you love? What is a “must-see”? What do you still remember clearly?

Or maybe you’ve read or heard about something awesome. Any way you slice it, we’d love your input on sights to see, regions to visit, foods or restaurants to sample – anything at all!

Muchas gracias (in advance)!


24 thoughts on “WWYD?

    • Ah yes. And videos. I will see what I can do asap! I know he’s a pretty one. It’s just that he usually has the camera…but no excuses. I will deliver, Drew! =)

  1. I would go to a local pub and have a beer with the locals…man now that I typed it, it sounds lame. But I know very little about Ireland. Great that you’re there over Saint Patrick’s day right? Do they do anything special?

  2. Hi Allison & Isaiah,

    Croagh Patrick is between Westport and Louisburgh in Co. Mayo. It is a great hike on a clear day but very rocky. I think on St. Patrick’s Day there are pilgrimages up the mountain. (I lived in Co. Mayo in 1971. I went over with Goshen College and then stayed a year and worked at Terrybaun Pottery.)

    Kylemore Abbey used to serve a very nice tea and it is a lovely, curvy drive up the coast through Connemara up to Louisburgh. Watch out for sheep on the road. Clew Bay is also beautiful. You can take a mail boat from near Louisburgh to Clare Island and walk around to see where Grainuale O’Malley, the pirate queen, lived. She was married in the Murrisk Abbey near the start of the trail up Croagh Patrick. A little further north there is a very nice museum at Castlebar. IF you venture far enough north to Sligo, near there is Belleek Pottery which gives a very good (but not free) tour and demonstration

    There is a very nice museum at Cobh (pronounced Cove) near Cork. Many Irish immigrated from there and that was the last place the Titanic docked.

    Be sure to go to the local Catholic Church on Sunday. I am sure you will have plenty of “pub grub.” Galway and the West has a special Barm Brack (raisin bread) that I love as well as the traditional Irish Soda Bread.

    When you get to Dublin be sure to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College and the National Museum. You can attend evensong at St.Patrick’s Cathedral. By the main downtown bus stop (where buses go towards the airport) is a great, inexpensive fish restaurant–I think it was called Kingfishers.

    I envy you!

    • Jane – you rock! Thank you so much for all this invaluable information! It’ll be great to read back over it with a map in hand and start plotting out some of our ventures.

      I love the idea of a pilgrimage up the mountain or hopping over to the Clare Island as well as the cool, winding drive up north. Oh, it all sounds great! Book of Kells is definitely on our “must do” list as soon as we get back to spend some time in Dublin.

      Thank you, thank you!

  3. Allison and Isaiah: Nice to see where you are and what you are doing. We never had the good fortune of visiting that beautiful part of the world that is so rich in literature and history.. So, we cannot be of much help but we do have Goshen friends that have lived and worked in the north. We can give you their e-mail addresses if that would be helpful. love and blessings. Luke and Verna

  4. Drink lots of Guinness, then have another one! Local (non-touristy) pubs are where local folks gather to socialize for conversation, laughter and music. I still have fond memories of a night at a pub in Dublin with Irish friends. But, it seems you have already discovered all this.

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