Fortunately / Unfortunately

Fortunately I had a memorable experience writing a Fortunately/Unfortunately book in elementary school so I’m bringing a new chapter to you today:

Unfortunately it was raining all morning and we had wanted to take the 5 minute walk “downtown” to Vasco, Fanore’s coffee shop. Fanore has one coffee shop, one little store, and one pub.

Fortunately it cleared up so we were on our way down the narrow road (this time trekking the opposite way from the beach).

Unfortunately Vasco was closed. For the winter. Oops. I guess it will open later on in March so we’ll have to try again. Poor Isaiah was longing for his first sip of coffee since arriving in Ireland.

Fortunately we stopped in at the little store and chatted it up with the nice worker (owner?). The store is small but well stocked with a decent variety of groceries and necessities. Even a bookshelf of movie rentals.

And Isaiah got his coffee. Oh happy day.

We strolled home glad for our mini outing and the fresh air. It felt like a yummy dinner and a movie night so we put Red Lentil Curry, Homemade Naan, and Green Beans with Almonds on the menu.

Unfortunately we forgot to turn on the range hood while cooking on the stove so set the smoke detector off. (Why does it seem like we’re always setting off smoke detectors??)

Fortunately we opened a window, flipped on the hood and enjoyed a great non-burned meal. And then watched Braveheart. It was my first time seeing it and yep, I cried like a wee one.

Ups and downs and all – it was a great day.


15 thoughts on “Fortunately / Unfortunately

    • So interesting! Thanks for sending, Jodi. I keep working on my Spanish (w/ Rosetta Stone) knowing I’m going to need all my attention on learning Guarani in our training!

  1. A part of every good meal is setting off the smoke detectors, right? At least that’s what I tell myself πŸ™‚ Looks like a fun day!

  2. Isaiah looks so happy to have his coffee! Did he bring any mate (sp?)? Actually, that might look suspicious at the airport, so nevermind… πŸ˜‰

    • He didn’t bring any mate, but I’m sure he misses it. He must be saving it for Paraguay where they drink a ton of it. And you’re right about getting past security!

    • Naan is a type of flatbread common in Asia – we ate it a lot in Malaysia and I loved it. It wasn’t in the picture of this post though. It looks kinda like a pancake that you dip into the lentils. It’s good!

    • I’ve been studying Spanish pretty much every day and it’s getting into new stuff that I’ve never learned, so that’s good for me. Isaiah is into a web-something or other class (that you told him about) and is getting his homework done and turned in way ahead of time. Whoa, right!? Hope your thesis is coming along!

      • Great to hear that you are both staying on task! Me – not so much. I have been traveling way too much to make the progress I need to on my thesis but that all changes now!!!

    • Thanks, Heidi! Boy I can’t wait to see you in May. Until then, there might be a little something something heading your way…keep your eyes peeled!

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